Japan – The Last Day

I managed to find some free internet access in the departure lounge, so decided to make use of it.  I left Panasonic today at 3pm local time, and caught the train back to the hotel to pick up my baggage.  My timing was impeccable, as the airport bus was only a few short minutes from leaving as I got to the stop.  The 70-odd minute ride to the airport was quiet, and gave me a chance to try to find a word to sum up my impressions of Japan.  I think I found it – “drab”.

Now, this may be peculiar to this part of Japan (Osaka – Kyoto), but everything feels just a little gray, perhaps grimy, and yet remarkably sterile.  There is very little litter, and I never saw any graffiti at all.  Perhaps the youth of Japan are instilled with a little more respect for others and for authority here, and certainly crime is lower in Japan than back at home.  For all that, it still feels a little lifeless.

Approaching Kansai Airport near Osaka, I realised something I hadn’t picked up when I arrived – Kansai Aiport is on a man-made island (check it out on Google Maps), and is reached by a bridge about 3km long!

I arrived at the airport about 90 minutes before check in opened, and so sat down for a while before taking a walk to find some sustenance.   Much to my delight, I found … a Starbucks!!  Real coffee!!  I was so thrilled at the prospect that is was some minutes before I realised that I had lost my mobile phone.  It must have slipped out of my pocket while I was sitting down, two floors above.  Retracing my steps brought no joy – it was gone.  So, off to the info counter.  Had a phone been handed in?  “Oh, please wait while I get paperwork”.  It wasn’t until about a minute later that she pulls out my phone and says, “Is this yours?”  That phone may not be much more than a hill of beans, but it was my hill, and those were my beans!!

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting back to Oz and seeing my (in some cases sick) kids again.  It’s been a good trip, and one that has given me some good memories, but for now, I’m glad it’s over.

One response to “Japan – The Last Day

  1. Thanks Darren. Sounds like Japan may be a bit like Singapore; neat and clean but sterile. If the airport island is artificial you have to ask why they didn’t build it a bit closer! I’ll ignore the hill of beans thing – don’t want to know!

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