When analogies break down…

USB 3.0 (running at a mind-numbing 5.0 Gbps) is just around the corner, and it got me thinking about the similarities of version numbers vs. features to the .NET Framework.  Let’s have a look so far:

Version USB .NET Framework
v1.0 First release, 1.5 Mbps First release, slow and buggy
v1.1 Full speed, 12 Mbps Many improvements, but no major leaps in technology
v2.0 High speed, 480 Mbps Significantly improved performance and development speed, reduces LoC required by (up to) 80%
v3.0 SuperSpeed 5.0 Gbps WPF, WCF, WF, etc.

OK, so .NET 3.0 was just a few layers on top of v2.0, while USB 3.0 is an order of magnitude faster. The real question is however, what will USB v3.5sp1 bring us?


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