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A while ago, I posted a quick note on my desire to use the new ASP.NET MVC framework to create a photo sales website.  In the end, it didn’t work out that way, and I am using the framework to build a new website for my church.

While a huge benefit to ASP.NET MVC is (IMHO) the ability to shed the ASP server side tags, and hence gain complete control over markup and layout within the page, I am amazed at the amount of Javascript I seem to be writing to keep the application ‘Web-2.0-ish’.  In fact, one particular page in the site probably contains more Javascript than the sum total of all Javascript I had written in many years before.

In this, jQuery has been a huge help, but sometimes it’s nice to see exactly what script calls are being made (this applies particularly to Ajax calls) and what is returned.

Enter Nikhil Kothari‘s Web Development Helper.  In his words,

Web Development Helper is a free browser extension for Internet Explorer that provides a set of tools and utilities for the Web developer, esp. Ajax and ASP.NET developers. The tool provides features such as a DOM inspector, an HTTP tracing tool, and script diagnostics and immediate window.

My understanding is that Firefox now has a similar tool built in (Firebug) but I have not tried this yet, mainly because the VS2008 development system works with IE.  Tools of this calibre are more than welcome in my opinion.


One response to “Web Development Helper

  1. VS2008 works with FireFox just as well as it does with IE. And, yes, FireBug is the shizzle. IE Developer Toolbar is neat too, but it’s no FireBug. And FireBug will make your life drastically easier. Oh, and Fiddler.. that’s a good one too.

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