.NET 2.0 in the bag…

I’ve just completed the Microsoft 70-536 exam, and… I passed!!  Passing score was 700, I was able to answer and guess my way to 858!!  (I think they’re out of approx. 1000).

I must say that I was dissappointed with the quality of the MS Press Self-Training book – there were many errors in the text and on the CD-ROM (including within the practice exams) that were not covered by the 50 or so pages of errata on the MS website, and the book did not cover all areas (in sufficient detail) to enable a passing mark.

That being said, it was enough to put me on the right track.  A few years of experience with .NET 2.0 didn’t hurt, and the rest is just down to studying the MSDN site and doing as many practice exams from as many sources as possible (they all focus on different areas).

For me, I’m taking a few weeks off from study to finish a few odd jobs around the house, then I’ll probably be on to the .NET 3.5 WPF exam (whatever number that is…)


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